Sep 25, 2013

The Rolling Edition Painthacker Magazine | October 2013

The Rolling Edition VOL1 NO1

VOL 1 NO 1

The Rolling Edition | Painthacker Magazine


Big Rollin’ 8 Easy Tips
100 ft² per/min That’s How We Roll
Bucket Rolling vs. Pan Rolling
The Afterlife of a Nine
Roll like a Boss!
9-inch Rolling in Perspective
The 9 Merits of Pan Rolling
Is Nothing the New Something?
Drywall Primers: Do They Work?
Job Site Variables
Efficiency Lesson No. 15
And More!


Jan 16, 2013

Sherwin Williams Solo - Hand Brushed Finishes Guide

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The biggest thing to happen to Jack since Jack


Sherwin Williams Solo A76 W 51
Create Highly Reflective Finishes

Learn how to paint beautiful hand brushed finishes in a our step by step painting guide.