Mar 13, 2010

You Suck At Spraying #101

Let’s see if we can do something about it.


The single most important thing to producing a nice sprayed finish is dialing in the correct pressure or psi. It’s common to see guys drop-in, crank the dial and shoot full bore.

Even though all three of our pumps do 3300psi, I never shoot with the pressure all the way up and I shoot a wide variety of product.

Almost all gallons of paint will have a recommended psi printed on the back label. It’s typically a decent starting point and work up or down the dial to fine tune your pattern. Pumps with digital displays get you the quickest results.

One example of needing the full 3300psi is running two guns shooting wall paint from a Graco Ultra Max II 695 with two 517 tips.

Another example: Back of the can reads> *Spray - (Airless Equipment) - 0.013" to 0.019" tip size - 2300 to 2700 p.s.i. Note the 0.013” refers to the lower 2300 psi. The wider the orifice, 0.019”, the more pressure you need. Now something else to consider… I use nothing more than 0.011” for spraying trim and doors on new homes which would bring your required psi down lower than 2300. I shoot acrylic trim paints around 1800psi. Fine Finish Tips require less pressure.

So when you get sick and tired of wasting hundreds of dollars of paint to the wind, spend a few minutes and dial down that pump until the fan produces a nice finish. Now you suck a bit less at spraying. Check back for more spraying tips. Take a look at all the spraying articles.

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