Mar 6, 2010

Sherwin Williams Visible Solutions™ Ceiling Paint

Visible Solutions – Visibly Confusing
Sherwin Williams Visible Solutions Ceiling Paint Sherwin Williams Visible Solutions Ceiling Paint goes on a light violet color and dries flat white. Designed to help with eliminating missed or light spots when painting a ceiling.

We applied Visible Solutions over Zinsser BIN primer. Visible Solutions reminds me of spreading GEL stain but with a roller, very unusual to spread. All I could think about was spreading a thin violet mayonnaise.
Visible Solutions changed color much faster than the video on the Sherwin Williams Product page. Our paint turned from violet to almost white immediately making it very confusing as to where we were with coverage (because) its not either violet or white that you can see, the paint is in a transitional ‘state’ while it turns white and it was very difficult to tell if we had coverage or not. The experience was awful, confusing and counterproductive.

I thought the product would stay violet for about 15 minutes which would mean you can paint an entire ceiling and it would still be violet then turn white. Not the case at all. We applied the product unusually heavy in an attempt to get the product to stay violet longer with no luck. In fact, the product turns white before you can get the next load up to the ceiling. Coverage seemed transparent (GEL-like) during application. Minimal to virtually no paint spatter using a white woven cover however, Sherwin Williams suggests a Purdy Golden Eagle roller cover so expect some spatter from that. On ceilings its best to use a white woven cover to minimize paint spatter -just sayin’. Always use protective eyewear when rolling a ceiling.

Here is how to paint a ceiling to minimize or eliminate missed areas.

PROS: It’s a neat idea
CONS: dries too fast to be effective in serving its intended purpose

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