Mar 3, 2010

Sherwin Williams Pro Industrial 0 VOC ACRYLIC

IMG_1502It’s always a great thing when a great product makes its way into my hands. Here we have Sherwin Williams PRO INDUSTRIAL 0 VOC Semi-Gloss Acrylic B66 W 65.

The 0 VOC Acrylic strongly meets all the characteristics I look for in trim paint - from easy application to plenty of working time. The product has superior leveling properties. You can brush this product with enough working time to take phone calls, send twitter updates and post videos on youtube and still come back into your work to catch a run. Amazing paint.

We did a kitchen cabinet repaint with it and of all situations where you need paint to stay wet and workable, a kitchen is the place. Also worth noting, the product is difficult to get off your hands. Coverage was good, above average but not excellent. Holds sheen pretty good too. Not as shiny as some semi-gloss acrylics but Sherwin Williams product tends to run under par on sheen levels.
No spraying was performed but I suspect based on how this paint behaves that it will run and run if you are not careful. You may want to stay off your subject and do a quick pass coat and see what it does in 15-20 minutes before you go hog wild and run and sag a whole job.

Retails around $75 per gallon

This product meets or exceeds my expectations.

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