Mar 4, 2010

Quicktruss Doorstands #Q300 6-pack

Please tell me I’m not the first to break a door. Really?
quicktruss doorstands

Maybe my expectations are higher than some when it comes to tools for the painting trade but I like product straight out of the packaging that works without issue.

Obviously at first glance one might think the punch-outs on the quicktruss doorstands are a bit aggressive for any door type be it pine, oak or mdf. If you work in new construction or remodeling markets then you know all to well how cheap building products are made.

quicktruss doorstands Let me share with you what I think you should know about these quicktruss doorstander-upper things. I think regardless what your door type is, you risk breaking, damaging or weakening doors by hammering those large thick spikes in a door. I would not attempt to hammer these in oak either because I see trim guys split oak with pin nails all the time and the area of an oak door that you would typically attach these to is ‘end grain’ and like splitting logs – the same thing could happen.

quicktruss doorstands We broke the first door we tried setting up. First positioning the bracket over half on and half off the two glued pieces of wood seen in the photo. We did this because driving those HUGE spikes so close to the end would split the door. So we tried moving it over to the edge a bit more and as you can see, it split there too.

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