Mar 17, 2010

Paint Never Had It This Good!

Benjamin Moore 65330 NYLON/POLYESTER Brush

When the Benjamin Moore 65125 first ended up in our hands forever ago, we didn't think the brush stood a chance of outperforming the brushes we were using back then. And we were dead wrong. Fast forward to today, the Benjamin Moore 65125 and 65330 brushes still dominate the space on our top shelf. The 65330 is a long lasting workhorse with an excellent blend of ‘just right’ to work great with many paints. This isn't the ultimate production brush, but it stands among them with the highest ranking. It’s only weakness is its thickness.

Look, I get that a paint brush is a personal preference to many of you but to me a paint brush is a business decision. Brushes are like paint sprayers, you buy a pump to meet certain production demands, and you buy a brush to do the same. As far as personal preference, I prefer to be efficient and productive.
The accuracy and balance of this brush is purely unique. We don’t know who the guy was that pushed for perfection on this brush but we are sure glad he did.

This brush can only be improved by making it thicker 


Jimbob said...

By thickness do You mean too thick or not thick enough? The brush, for me, is a little heavy on the wrist for a full days workload. I've used this same brush and it is amazing how precise of a cut it makes compared to the same size brush of another brand. I'm anxious to try the wooster alpha 3" this summer on exteriors. I've heard it holds some serious paint.

Jack Pauhl said...

Jimbob, I'll update the post, I agree that is a bit confusing. Thanks for pointing it out.

The brush can only be improved by making it thicker to hold more paint.

The Alpha 3" is heavy when loaded but you get used to it when using it all the time. Its the ultimate production brush.