Mar 14, 2010

What is a good paint brush capable of?

When I make videos I often want to be able to show alternative methods painters use but having never painted their way makes it somewhat uncomfortable trying to mimic the style and technique. Many painters have their own style but much of it is similar. So as luck would have it, I found a painter demonstrating how to cut a ceiling line for comparison using a very common style and paint brush. There is nothing wrong with the method below, it’s just far from being productive.

Forward the video below to :[2:20]: Pay attention to the brush used and the length-of-run the painter gets out of the load. Also notice the excessive brush work in comparison to the video above which uses 1 single load and 2 simple (continuous) passes to paint 5 feet of ceiling line in seconds. THAT is exactly what you get from a good brush.

If any of my videos are painful to watch, please shoot me an email and let me know because I’ll reshoot the video.