Mar 14, 2010

How to Suck Less at Painting #102

Tips on how to cut-in walls before rolling

The above photo shows the height of cut I use when cutting-in wall paint. There is no reason to cut any higher on the wall or any wider next to door casings. The photo below demonstrates the cut against freshly rolled wall paint. You can clearly see by rolling down to the baseboard, there is about 1/4" of my cut showing so in theory, you only need to cut 1/2” high or wide. Cutting any higher or wider is a waste of time and paint.

No joke. This is all you need to cut if you tape off your trim and roll tight.

Or if you insist on being all do it yourself style then have at it but I’ll warn you, I’ve seen homeowners and DIY people paint far better than some of those painters posting painting video on YouTube. Cutting 6” high? What the hell is that all about? Why not just brush the wall.

FYI that is Sherwin Williams Cashmere over that green. 3 coats was not quite solid yet.