Mar 15, 2010

HOW TO Make Your Roller Cover Shed

All too often I see painters wrapping roller covers in masking tape to remove loose nap fibers. I’ve made it a point to investigate this crazy idea over the years, and I can tell you--all that does is loosen more nap fibers because the craziest thing happens when you keep re-wrapping a cover in tape… it keeps pulling fibers. Besides, a roller cover should be soaked in water and spun before each use. If you want to take it a step further, shop-vac the damp cover too. Pre-wetting a roller cover allows for fast initial paint pick-up so you don't need to roll paint on half the wall before you start to feel the cover getting loaded with paint and pre-wetting helps with cleanup as well.

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bellalaterra said...

Great tip. A painting contractor I used to work for always had us wrap the rollers with tape. (I no longer do that). Thanks for the tip about wetting the roller before use. Seems like common sense, I should have figured that one out before!