Mar 3, 2010

Glidden ULTRA 3000 shed-resistant 1/2” nap

If you have the time, this nap will work. but is it worth it?
There’s no doubt in my mind roller covers can save you time or kill production in an instant. There is not much worse than pairing up a cheap flat wall paint with the wrong cover. What you end up with is a bad day.

 As if having to roll a heavy flat paint isn't bad enough – imagine rolling it with a roller cover that doesn't pick it up or release the paint on the walls. The Glidden ULTRA 3000 roller naps are decent covers but they are not pro doo z’s. Despite what the packaging says, this cover is not for most mainstream flat paints. I suggest a SuperFab for flats. 

What you need to know: This roller cover requires trimming first. Trust me, don't bother trying to use this cover straight out of the packaging. Use scissors and reshape the bevels way back. Also, this cover shimmies down the wall or across the ceiling. Don't expect the ability to roll tight to anything. I’m fairly convinced with excessive fast rolling that you may be able to break an inexpensive roller frame due to how badly this cover shuffles left and right as you roll.

As with any white woven roller cover, it’s best to pre-wet them and spin them before each use. Repeated washes and dry-outs drastically reduce the effectiveness of a white woven roller cover.

The Good: somewhat inexpensive shed-resistant cover

The Bad: needs reshaped, shimmies badly

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