Mar 22, 2010

Ask Jack: What brand of paint do you use?

Question: What brand of paint do you use?

Answer: I purchase paint products from various paint manufacturers for very specific applications. For example: my favorite general trim paint comes from one manufacturer and my favorite wall paints come from others. My flat paint comes from one paint store and my eggshell wall paint comes from another. I tend to have 1 or 2 favorite paint products from each paint manufacturer in my area.


graffito said...

When comparing our newly latex-painted trim with work done in oil 10 yrs ago, I have to say I miss alkyd. I don't know if I can even buy oil paint any more in CT. Is there a latex product that is less prone to showing brush strokes? And a method of application?


Dave said...

Is paint and primer in one really just that? Or is it simplya high hide paint marketed to play on our ignorance? Cause trust me; we do not have a clue. But we can put on a good song and dance for ya at times.

phunpho said...

The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that it doesn't have a way of cutting the tip off the tube. My old caulk gun (that died after 5 years of use) had a spot on the handle that would cut the tip off the tube. Not a big deal since you are likely to have a razor knife with you anyway. But a potential improvement for the product.