Mar 24, 2010

Zinsser B-I-N Shellac-Base Primer-Sealer Over Nicotine

binprimer_thumb[3]If you are looking for a solution to block out nicotine stained ceilings then look no further than BIN.

Zinsser BIN Shellac-Base Primer Sealer is a staple in the painting industry. With a wide variety of uses, BIN is considered the ultimate stain blocking solution - from sealing and blocking out pet odors to blocking knots and tree sap streaking. BIN can typically be recoated in 45 minutes.

Despite the 45 minute recoat time, I strongly suggest a minimum 4 hours before recoating with a ceiling paint, next day would be your best fail-safe option. If you recoat too soon (despite the 45 recoat time), you are likely to get nicotine bleeding through your ceiling paint. Then you will have other issues to deal with besides lost profits. BIN has a strong odor when rolling large areas like a ceiling. It stinks but it works great.

The ceiling photo below was intentionally rolled in an unfavorable way for the purpose of the photo.

See the How To Paint Ceilings – Stepping Method for best results when rolling a ceiling.

Mar 23, 2010

Airless Sprayer Gun Maintenance

graco airless spray gun filterWhat happens if the airless sprayer gun filter is not cleaned? Well, one of two things can happen

  1. the spray gun filter compresses
  2. the spray gun filter splits open allowing plenty of junk through

Stay tuned: Airless Sprayer Manifold filters next


HOW TO: Caulking Miters on Door Casings

Simple demonstration caulking miters on doors casings. The key to keeping the gap closed is to fill the gap nicely with caulk by forcing caulk into the gap rather than lightly applying caulk to the gap.

Mar 22, 2010

Ask Jack: How much time to paint a 10x10 bedroom?

Question: How long should it take a professional to cut and roll two coats in a 10 by 10 bedroom assuming one hour to fill and sand any nail holes and stuff. thanks

Answer: For me one coat would take 30 minutes. That includes taping baseboard, cutting around one window, bedroom door and closet door.

Ask Jack: What brand of paint do you use?

Question: What brand of paint do you use?

Answer: I purchase paint products from various paint manufacturers for very specific applications. For example: my favorite general trim paint comes from one manufacturer and my favorite wall paints come from others. My flat paint comes from one paint store and my eggshell wall paint comes from another. I tend to have 1 or 2 favorite paint products from each paint manufacturer in my area.

Mar 17, 2010

Graco MAGNUM x5 Airless Sprayer

magnum x5Coming Next Month

Graco MAGNUM x5 review along with everything you should know about this airless sprayer. Are you in the market for a lightweight portable pump? You have some options and we’ll cover the details.Our main pump on the job is a Graco ULTRA MAX II 695 along with others but we found a need for the MAGNUM x5 sprayer and we’ll tell you what it is.

Paint Never Had It This Good!

Benjamin Moore 65330 NYLON/POLYESTER Brush

When the Benjamin Moore 65125 first ended up in our hands forever ago, we didn't think the brush stood a chance of outperforming the brushes we were using back then. And we were dead wrong. Fast forward to today, the Benjamin Moore 65125 and 65330 brushes still dominate the space on our top shelf. The 65330 is a long lasting workhorse with an excellent blend of ‘just right’ to work great with many paints. This isn't the ultimate production brush, but it stands among them with the highest ranking. It’s only weakness is its thickness.

Look, I get that a paint brush is a personal preference to many of you but to me a paint brush is a business decision. Brushes are like paint sprayers, you buy a pump to meet certain production demands, and you buy a brush to do the same. As far as personal preference, I prefer to be efficient and productive.
The accuracy and balance of this brush is purely unique. We don’t know who the guy was that pushed for perfection on this brush but we are sure glad he did.

This brush can only be improved by making it thicker 

Mar 16, 2010

UPDATE: Graco ProShot Cordless Airless Paint Sprayer

Graco ProShot Airless Sprayer

The original post on Graco ProShot Cordless Airless Sprayer is updated!

Need help painting fiberglass front doors?

Door tipPainting red colors can be difficult achieving solid coverage on white fiberglass front doors. Simply spray red oxide primer on the bevels or the panels or the entire door. My preference is RUST-OLEUM RUSTY METAL SPRAY PRIMER in red or black.

HOW TO: Painting Avoid Picture Framing

Self explanatory. And you thought ‘picture framing’ was entirely a paint product issue.

HOW TO: Caulk Baseboard Bridging Method

Short and sweet… this video clip shows more on caulking using the bridging method. Not seen in the video is how much caulk is being pumped down into the gap. The caulk gun used has an 18:1 ratio which packs a gap fast and full and that is key to a successful caulk job to prevent shrinking.

Mar 15, 2010

HOW TO Make Your Roller Cover Shed

All too often I see painters wrapping roller covers in masking tape to remove loose nap fibers. I’ve made it a point to investigate this crazy idea over the years, and I can tell you--all that does is loosen more nap fibers because the craziest thing happens when you keep re-wrapping a cover in tape… it keeps pulling fibers. Besides, a roller cover should be soaked in water and spun before each use. If you want to take it a step further, shop-vac the damp cover too. Pre-wetting a roller cover allows for fast initial paint pick-up so you don't need to roll paint on half the wall before you start to feel the cover getting loaded with paint and pre-wetting helps with cleanup as well.

HOW TO Remove Nicotine Stains

Krud Kutter is an excellent cleaner for removing nicotine stains FAST! There is no need to pre-soak the area. The TOP photo shows a nasty nicotine stained light and ceiling texture surrounding the light. The BOTTOM photo shows how incredibly well Krud Kutter restored the light to like-new again as well as the ceiling texture around the light.

Mar 14, 2010

HOW TO Caulk – Bridging Large Gaps

Caulk Baseboard

The photo above shows a very common problem when caulking large gaps on baseboard trim. Typically, the tip of the caulk tube is cut relatively small so when you move across a gap, the caulk is not coming out enough to fill it or the caulk falls in the gap. Here is a short video clip on how to bridge occasional large gaps on baseboard and trim without having to cut the tip large.

HOW TO Caulk – Baseboard Miters

Simple video demonstrating technique on how to caulk baseboard and miters

How to Suck Less at Painting #102

Tips on how to cut-in walls before rolling

The above photo shows the height of cut I use when cutting-in wall paint. There is no reason to cut any higher on the wall or any wider next to door casings. The photo below demonstrates the cut against freshly rolled wall paint. You can clearly see by rolling down to the baseboard, there is about 1/4" of my cut showing so in theory, you only need to cut 1/2” high or wide. Cutting any higher or wider is a waste of time and paint.

No joke. This is all you need to cut if you tape off your trim and roll tight.

Or if you insist on being all do it yourself style then have at it but I’ll warn you, I’ve seen homeowners and DIY people paint far better than some of those painters posting painting video on YouTube. Cutting 6” high? What the hell is that all about? Why not just brush the wall.

FYI that is Sherwin Williams Cashmere over that green. 3 coats was not quite solid yet.


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  • What is a good paint brush capable of?

    When I make videos I often want to be able to show alternative methods painters use but having never painted their way makes it somewhat uncomfortable trying to mimic the style and technique. Many painters have their own style but much of it is similar. So as luck would have it, I found a painter demonstrating how to cut a ceiling line for comparison using a very common style and paint brush. There is nothing wrong with the method below, it’s just far from being productive.

    Forward the video below to :[2:20]: Pay attention to the brush used and the length-of-run the painter gets out of the load. Also notice the excessive brush work in comparison to the video above which uses 1 single load and 2 simple (continuous) passes to paint 5 feet of ceiling line in seconds. THAT is exactly what you get from a good brush.

    If any of my videos are painful to watch, please shoot me an email and let me know because I’ll reshoot the video.

    Mar 13, 2010

    Painter Pants designed by pros – knee pads included

    1200x1200q70 1200x1200q70 (1)

    Duluth Trading

    Painter Pants

    Item 82012

    Developed and field tested by guys who know what they’re doing – professionals who can paint straight lines without taping and finish whole rooms without dripping one drop. Painter pants made of heavy-duty 12-oz. 100% cotton canvas with reinforced stitching at stress points. 9 custom pockets keep your nail set, razor knife, duster brush, caulk gun, scraper, putty knife, sandpaper, rags and more within easy reach. Cell phone and pen pocket is positioned for quick access standing or sitting. Built-in knee pads won’t bunch uncomfortably and are barely noticeable when you’re standing or walking.

    At a glance:
    Developed and field tested by painters
    Heavy-duty 12-oz. 100% cotton canvas
    Reinforced stitching at stress points
    9 custom pockets; cell phone and pen pocket
    Built-in knee pads
    Comfortable loose fit through the hips and thighs

    Graco ProShot™ Cordless Airless Paint Sprayer

    Cordless Airless Sprayer with lots of potential

    graco proshot airless sprayer

    We all are familiar with Graco and their HUGE line of paint sprayers and you might imagine the research and technology that goes into producing any one of their products. The PROSHOT™, to date, is Graco’s most expensive undertaking as they pave the way for the first handheld professional cordless airless paint sprayer.

    The (somewhat disposable) cordless Graco 18v ProShot™ airless paint sprayer will be sold exclusively at Sherwin Williams the first week of May 2010. NOTE: The information following has not entirely been confirmed yet but here are a few things we learned.

    There are two models available but we are going to talk about the more feature rich model. $449 MSRP


    • Ultimate portability to move around on the job
    • Ready to spray in seconds
    • Comparable performance to Graco’s professional airless sprayers
    • Sprays material as designed by the paint manufacturer – no thinning required
    • Consistent, even spray pattern for one-pass coverage
    • Pro Quality Finish – Expert Results
    • Compatible with any material that can be cleaned with mineral spirits, paint thinner or water
    • Allows spraying in any direction – floors, ceilings, walls [adjustable suction tube]
    • Maintains 2200psi



    • ProShot Cordless Airless Sprayer [Part #258865 / SMIS #5775515]
    • 211 and 515 ProShot Reversible Tips [Does not use standard tips]
    • Two 18V Lithium Ion Power Pack Batteries
    • TILT-N-SPRAY 32 oz [.95L] Cup with Cover & (5) Cup Liners
    • 4 oz [.12L] bottle Pump Armor
    • Cordless Sprayer Storage Case
    • Sprayer Hook mounted on side of unit



    • Shoulder strap
    • 48 oz [1.42L] cup size and adapter to accommodate Sherwin-Williams Color To Go samples.
    • ProShot Repair Kit 16D563 – Simple repair doubles the sprayer life from 50 gallons to 100 gallons

    About the 18V Lithium Ion Batteries
    Each fully charged battery is able to spray 1 gallon [3.78L] for continuous spraying.
    Battery recharge time for 80% performance is approximately 45 minutes

    For Consideration
    The ProShot has a 150 100 gallon max life. The $449 unit needs repacked at 50 gallons and can only be repacked twice once. The $389 model cant be repacked. Ask yourself what you intend to do with the ProShot. For me, it would get used for spraying the exterior side of front doors (1 pint).

    Conclusion: Sounds promising and as a paint contractor you would know how quick it can pay for itself even if you have to toss it. Unit has some weight to it. After all, you are spraying holding a quart of paint at the end of your hand. It’s a great product idea with lots of potential but at that price – I would also look at Graco Tradeworks 150 for $299 also sold at Sherwin Williams.

    My thoughts on the Graco ProShot is this… I would buy one for specifically painting front doors on new construction homes. Typically I can brush most any color in two coats on a white fiberglass door but it takes longer to work two solid coats, many guys do them in 5-6 coats. The idea of spraying a single front door with minimal cleanup and masking is appealing. But in my line of work that is really the only use I have for the Graco ProShot on a regular basis. For more flexibility I may go with the Graco Tradeworks 150 but I spray doors with a 209 or FF210. A 211, which is the minimum on both the Graco ProShot and the Graco Tradeworks 150 is overkill for a front door.

    Graco Tradeworks 150 The Graco Tradeworks 150 1/2HP is sold more as a DIY pump but it uses standard tips, its small, lightweight 16lbs, affordable and portable and you can treat it as a throw-away unit too. It also accommodates a 0.011” thru 0.015” tip range and comes with a SG3 spray gun and a RAC5 guard.

    A Graco Ultra 395 weighs 42lbs. for comparison.

    I must say Sherwin Williams has made some extreme changes in the past 3 years and I like the direction the company is going by introducing a better selection of tools for the painting trade.

    New information on the Graco ProShot will be posted on be sure to SUBSCRIBE to to receive future updates.

    Titan 440i Airless Paint Sprayer

    titan 440i

    The Titan 440i airless paint sprayer is my backup pump for spraying trim and doors. Recently I ran into some motor issues which Titan replaced under the Limited Lifetime Motor Warranty. Very impressive.


    The 440i is now replaced by the 440 IMPACT which in now on sale at Sherwin Williams as a ProBuy for $879. The sale ends April 30, 2010

    Includes: 2 free Performer tips, gun, hose, tip kit

    .54 GPM
    .023 Max Tip
    3300 PSI
    7/8 HP DC Motor
    35lbs. skid version

    You Suck At Spraying #101

    Let’s see if we can do something about it.


    The single most important thing to producing a nice sprayed finish is dialing in the correct pressure or psi. It’s common to see guys drop-in, crank the dial and shoot full bore.

    Even though all three of our pumps do 3300psi, I never shoot with the pressure all the way up and I shoot a wide variety of product.

    Almost all gallons of paint will have a recommended psi printed on the back label. It’s typically a decent starting point and work up or down the dial to fine tune your pattern. Pumps with digital displays get you the quickest results.

    One example of needing the full 3300psi is running two guns shooting wall paint from a Graco Ultra Max II 695 with two 517 tips.

    Another example: Back of the can reads> *Spray - (Airless Equipment) - 0.013" to 0.019" tip size - 2300 to 2700 p.s.i. Note the 0.013” refers to the lower 2300 psi. The wider the orifice, 0.019”, the more pressure you need. Now something else to consider… I use nothing more than 0.011” for spraying trim and doors on new homes which would bring your required psi down lower than 2300. I shoot acrylic trim paints around 1800psi. Fine Finish Tips require less pressure.

    So when you get sick and tired of wasting hundreds of dollars of paint to the wind, spend a few minutes and dial down that pump until the fan produces a nice finish. Now you suck a bit less at spraying. Check back for more spraying tips. Take a look at all the spraying articles.

    Mar 10, 2010

    5 Great iPhone Apps for Paint Contractors

    Benjamin Moore Color Capture
    Color CaptureColorCapture ColorCapture
    Benjamin Moore Pro Connection
    Sherwin-Williams COLORSNAP
    ColorSnap ColorSnapColorSnap
    Paint Remedy by the Paint Quality Institute
    Paint RemedyPaint RemedyPaint Remedy 
    Note Master
    NotemasterNotemaster Notemaster 

    Mar 6, 2010

    Sherwin Williams Visible Solutions™ Ceiling Paint

    Visible Solutions – Visibly Confusing
    Sherwin Williams Visible Solutions Ceiling Paint Sherwin Williams Visible Solutions Ceiling Paint goes on a light violet color and dries flat white. Designed to help with eliminating missed or light spots when painting a ceiling.

    We applied Visible Solutions over Zinsser BIN primer. Visible Solutions reminds me of spreading GEL stain but with a roller, very unusual to spread. All I could think about was spreading a thin violet mayonnaise.
    Visible Solutions changed color much faster than the video on the Sherwin Williams Product page. Our paint turned from violet to almost white immediately making it very confusing as to where we were with coverage (because) its not either violet or white that you can see, the paint is in a transitional ‘state’ while it turns white and it was very difficult to tell if we had coverage or not. The experience was awful, confusing and counterproductive.

    I thought the product would stay violet for about 15 minutes which would mean you can paint an entire ceiling and it would still be violet then turn white. Not the case at all. We applied the product unusually heavy in an attempt to get the product to stay violet longer with no luck. In fact, the product turns white before you can get the next load up to the ceiling. Coverage seemed transparent (GEL-like) during application. Minimal to virtually no paint spatter using a white woven cover however, Sherwin Williams suggests a Purdy Golden Eagle roller cover so expect some spatter from that. On ceilings its best to use a white woven cover to minimize paint spatter -just sayin’. Always use protective eyewear when rolling a ceiling.

    Here is how to paint a ceiling to minimize or eliminate missed areas.

    PROS: It’s a neat idea
    CONS: dries too fast to be effective in serving its intended purpose

    Mar 4, 2010

    Quicktruss Doorstands #Q300 6-pack

    Please tell me I’m not the first to break a door. Really?
    quicktruss doorstands

    Maybe my expectations are higher than some when it comes to tools for the painting trade but I like product straight out of the packaging that works without issue.

    Obviously at first glance one might think the punch-outs on the quicktruss doorstands are a bit aggressive for any door type be it pine, oak or mdf. If you work in new construction or remodeling markets then you know all to well how cheap building products are made.

    quicktruss doorstands Let me share with you what I think you should know about these quicktruss doorstander-upper things. I think regardless what your door type is, you risk breaking, damaging or weakening doors by hammering those large thick spikes in a door. I would not attempt to hammer these in oak either because I see trim guys split oak with pin nails all the time and the area of an oak door that you would typically attach these to is ‘end grain’ and like splitting logs – the same thing could happen.

    quicktruss doorstands We broke the first door we tried setting up. First positioning the bracket over half on and half off the two glued pieces of wood seen in the photo. We did this because driving those HUGE spikes so close to the end would split the door. So we tried moving it over to the edge a bit more and as you can see, it split there too.

    Mar 3, 2010

    Sherwin Williams Pro Industrial 0 VOC ACRYLIC

    IMG_1502It’s always a great thing when a great product makes its way into my hands. Here we have Sherwin Williams PRO INDUSTRIAL 0 VOC Semi-Gloss Acrylic B66 W 65.

    The 0 VOC Acrylic strongly meets all the characteristics I look for in trim paint - from easy application to plenty of working time. The product has superior leveling properties. You can brush this product with enough working time to take phone calls, send twitter updates and post videos on youtube and still come back into your work to catch a run. Amazing paint.

    We did a kitchen cabinet repaint with it and of all situations where you need paint to stay wet and workable, a kitchen is the place. Also worth noting, the product is difficult to get off your hands. Coverage was good, above average but not excellent. Holds sheen pretty good too. Not as shiny as some semi-gloss acrylics but Sherwin Williams product tends to run under par on sheen levels.
    No spraying was performed but I suspect based on how this paint behaves that it will run and run if you are not careful. You may want to stay off your subject and do a quick pass coat and see what it does in 15-20 minutes before you go hog wild and run and sag a whole job.

    Retails around $75 per gallon

    This product meets or exceeds my expectations.

    BEHR Premium Plus ULTRA Red Paint

    BEHR Premium Plus ULTRAThe long awaited extensive review of BEHR Premium Plus ULTRA. It’s coming and I’m excited about the results. Not a fan of BEHR paint? You might consider rethinking things once you see for your own eyes. Seeing is believing. Do you really need a base undercoat to achieve those solid bold red colors?

    Stay tuned! Find out if BEHR ULTRA makes the Jack Pauhl Recommended list.

    Glidden ULTRA 3000 shed-resistant 1/2” nap

    If you have the time, this nap will work. but is it worth it?
    There’s no doubt in my mind roller covers can save you time or kill production in an instant. There is not much worse than pairing up a cheap flat wall paint with the wrong cover. What you end up with is a bad day.

     As if having to roll a heavy flat paint isn't bad enough – imagine rolling it with a roller cover that doesn't pick it up or release the paint on the walls. The Glidden ULTRA 3000 roller naps are decent covers but they are not pro doo z’s. Despite what the packaging says, this cover is not for most mainstream flat paints. I suggest a SuperFab for flats. 

    What you need to know: This roller cover requires trimming first. Trust me, don't bother trying to use this cover straight out of the packaging. Use scissors and reshape the bevels way back. Also, this cover shimmies down the wall or across the ceiling. Don't expect the ability to roll tight to anything. I’m fairly convinced with excessive fast rolling that you may be able to break an inexpensive roller frame due to how badly this cover shuffles left and right as you roll.

    As with any white woven roller cover, it’s best to pre-wet them and spin them before each use. Repeated washes and dry-outs drastically reduce the effectiveness of a white woven roller cover.

    The Good: somewhat inexpensive shed-resistant cover

    The Bad: needs reshaped, shimmies badly