Jan 16, 2010

Weekly Schedule Jan 18-23

More changes: S/L 161 (the model) went back into production. S/L 69 moved to next week.
It didn't take long for the schedule to change. The above reflects changes from the preliminary schedule below. Previous schedule.

S/L 161 is a good size model home with finished garage and finished basement and requires multiple color changes. It will be interesting to see how much this preliminary schedule changes as we move through the week. I’m told there is a residential repaint sometime next week too. Typically day 1 of production includes filling nail holes, sanding, caulking trim, masking to spray and shooting the trim and doors. Day 2 of production is typically hanging doors and applying a 2nd coat on the walls. We typically can apply the finish coat on the walls in about 3 hours or so. That includes hanging doors, taping baseboard, misc masking, finishing the walls and pulling tape and putting wall plates back on.

[t-ups] can include 2nd coating the walls but not always.

Here is a screen shot of the above schedule on the iPhone in (day view).

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