Jan 14, 2010

Weekly Schedule Jan 11-16

Calendar - Microsoft Outlook (10)

Someone wrote in asking how I go about scheduling and what software if any I use. I use Microsoft Office 2007 Outlook which syncs with my iPhone both ways. Most often when I get back from work I edit the schedule on the desktop PC and sync it in the mornings. Any changes I make on my iPhone will be prompted when I get back home to sync, asking which of the two schedules is right 1) the PC or 2) the iPhone. We typically get up to 3 days in a house. I call anything related to those 2-3 days [production]. That can include filling nail holes, caulking and spraying on day 1 and typically 2nd coating the walls on day 2 or 3 depending on the size of the house. Green is something extra and billable. Yellow is 1st coat or [prime] the walls. We do about 8-10 houses each month so its a must to have a schedule. Just this week alone, we were in 8 different houses.

For example: there was a 2nd [prime] for Friday that got moved while at work today to next Monday. Each entry has notes attached to it, documenting materials used and actual time per stage of production.

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