Jan 18, 2010

Original Krud Kutter

Krud Kutter Krud Kutter
Cleaning Break Dust Krud Kutter

So what does cleaning embedded dirt and break dust off wheels and car parts have to do with painting? Absolutely nothing but you will be amazed how well Krud Kutter has a place in my every day grind with painting. I keep a few glass jars with Krud Kutter in them for various spray tips. Also I have a 1 gallon plastic bucket with a lid to throw all my sprayer parts and gun in it to soak after each use. Krud Kutter will evaporate quick just so you know. It truly is an amazing cleaner and a 50/50 mix goes a long way.

Cleaning Vinyl Windows Here is just a quick wipe with Krud Kutter cleaning an Andersen Window and vinyl clad.
Titan 440i Sprayer cleanup. looks new again. You will find endless uses for it and simply mix and experiment with different ratios of Krud Kutter to water. I like 50/50 but its too strong for some things.

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