Jan 18, 2010

Original Krud Kutter

Krud Kutter Krud Kutter
Cleaning Break Dust Krud Kutter

So what does cleaning embedded dirt and break dust off wheels and car parts have to do with painting? Absolutely nothing but you will be amazed how well Krud Kutter has a place in my every day grind with painting. I keep a few glass jars with Krud Kutter in them for various spray tips. Also I have a 1 gallon plastic bucket with a lid to throw all my sprayer parts and gun in it to soak after each use. Krud Kutter will evaporate quick just so you know. It truly is an amazing cleaner and a 50/50 mix goes a long way.

Cleaning Vinyl Windows Here is just a quick wipe with Krud Kutter cleaning an Andersen Window and vinyl clad.
Titan 440i Sprayer cleanup. looks new again. You will find endless uses for it and simply mix and experiment with different ratios of Krud Kutter to water. I like 50/50 but its too strong for some things.

Jan 16, 2010

Benjamin Moore bittersweet chocolate 2114-10

Looking for a nice dark chocolate brown to go with a pink or blue theme? Benjamin Moore’s Bittersweet chocolate 2114-10 should do the trick.

I left Benjamin Moore’s mississippi mud 2114-20 in the photo so you can see bittersweet chocolate does not have a red hue. You might notice the deep browns on the Sherwin Williams pallet have a red hue.

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Weekly Schedule Jan 18-23

More changes: S/L 161 (the model) went back into production. S/L 69 moved to next week.
It didn't take long for the schedule to change. The above reflects changes from the preliminary schedule below. Previous schedule.

S/L 161 is a good size model home with finished garage and finished basement and requires multiple color changes. It will be interesting to see how much this preliminary schedule changes as we move through the week. I’m told there is a residential repaint sometime next week too. Typically day 1 of production includes filling nail holes, sanding, caulking trim, masking to spray and shooting the trim and doors. Day 2 of production is typically hanging doors and applying a 2nd coat on the walls. We typically can apply the finish coat on the walls in about 3 hours or so. That includes hanging doors, taping baseboard, misc masking, finishing the walls and pulling tape and putting wall plates back on.

[t-ups] can include 2nd coating the walls but not always.

Here is a screen shot of the above schedule on the iPhone in (day view).

Jan 14, 2010

Benjamin Moore Primer Selector

Benjamin Moore Primer Selector.pdf

Zinsser Primer Selector

zinsser primer selector1.pdf - Adobe Reader 

E= Excellent (best recommendation)
G= Good (may be used on this surface)
F= Fair (may work, but not as reliable)
NR= Not Recommended
Head over to the Zinsser webpage for Zinsser Primer Selector

Weekly Schedule Jan 11-16

Calendar - Microsoft Outlook (10)

Someone wrote in asking how I go about scheduling and what software if any I use. I use Microsoft Office 2007 Outlook which syncs with my iPhone both ways. Most often when I get back from work I edit the schedule on the desktop PC and sync it in the mornings. Any changes I make on my iPhone will be prompted when I get back home to sync, asking which of the two schedules is right 1) the PC or 2) the iPhone. We typically get up to 3 days in a house. I call anything related to those 2-3 days [production]. That can include filling nail holes, caulking and spraying on day 1 and typically 2nd coating the walls on day 2 or 3 depending on the size of the house. Green is something extra and billable. Yellow is 1st coat or [prime] the walls. We do about 8-10 houses each month so its a must to have a schedule. Just this week alone, we were in 8 different houses.

For example: there was a 2nd [prime] for Friday that got moved while at work today to next Monday. Each entry has notes attached to it, documenting materials used and actual time per stage of production.

Jan 3, 2010

TIP: Faster Recoating Entry Doors

Use a tripod with a drier securely attached to quickly dry front doors for faster recoat times. Simple, effective and adjustable.