Dec 7, 2009

ICI DULUX FORTIS 6403 Accent Tint Base

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ICI/Glidden FORTIS Exterior 

Where many “so called best paints” fail in coverage, ICI DULUX FORTIS (now called Glidden Professional FORTIS 450 Exterior) excels in easy application and coverage providing enough working time to apply the paint and work it into a nice finish.

Glidden Fortis 450

Here is ICI DULUX FORTIS 6403 Accent Tint Base mixed in a very difficult to cover red color.

I want to start by saying this is nice paint for exterior fiberglass doors. Today I was painting the front door opened into the house with the opening blocked off with plastic because it was snowing.

Fortis gives me more than enough working time to get through a door nicely, but I do panel by panel because I like to spend the time and get each section covered. It takes me about 20-25 minutes to do a solid coat of red on this fiberglass door vs an easy color in 7-8 minutes with a brush.

The other guys at work do these white fiberglass doors in 6 coats with a brush and roller combination. I use only a brush and do them in 3 coats.


Because this is one of those hard to cover reds, a black satin undercoat was used --then 2 top coats of FORTIS mixed in Classic Burgundy. A grey primer can be used BUT this red dries dark and deep, so I like to use black to get to that depth of color quicker because I'm all about getting things done the quickest way possible.

Above you see one coat of FORTIS mixed in Classic Burgundy over a black undercoat. It goes on very bright red.

ICI DULUX FORTISHere is a sample of one dry coat of FORTIS over a black undercoat. FORTIS dries down tight and levels nice and is very easy to apply.

ICI DULUX FORTISIt’s 20 degrees outside and this house closes at 5pm today so I ran a drier over the 1st coat of FORTIS and recoated 30 minutes later.


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Marquette Ng said...

Jack, thanks so much for your excellent article on Dulux Fortis. About 15 years ago while working for ICI Paints, I developed this product as an attempt to reach a new level of premium exterior paint. We wanted low temp cure, even early rain resistance, so our legendary chemist Robert Golownia went out over Christmas break in freezing temperatures in Strongsville Ohio to test this product. He painted it outside on the test fence with 3 of our major competitors, then hit it with water sprinklers all day in the cold. The result? The competitors blistered and peeled off; Fortis developed a few microblisters (about 1/32" in diameter) but otherwise had no blistering or peeling. We new we had a winner.