Dec 2, 2009

ICI DULUX Exterior Acrylic Satin 2402-BLACK

Unlike other ONLINE REVIEW SITES for PAINTS based solely on someone's written experiences, we show you what to expect with photos and videos of the wet paint applied and dry appearance of the paints so you have a better idea of what to expect rather than someone's “word” on it. We apply hundreds of gallons of product across various jobs, surfaces etc. before we review it – not just a couple gallons in a lab.

ICI DULUX 2402 Exterior


Glidden Professional Fortis 350

ICI Dulux 2402 100% Acrylic Satin Black is nice paint to work with as is 2402-xx. Coverage is great as you can see below on a white smooth fiberglass door. (blue and black colors). In the 2402 line, I am typically able to apply no more than 3 coats on difficult colors, even reds. I suggest on dark reds to use a dark grey or this stock black, then apply two top coats.

The working time is good and dries fairly quick after completion in cooler temps. As with any door, I always suggest a strategic approach as to not rework any area too much.

TIP: Solid coverage is important when applying undercoat colors. For example, if your door is some difficult red, don't think a fast coat of a grey primer is going to save you time. That grey undercoat needs to be SOLID and you are better off doing two coats of grey if you need to. Otherwise you will be recoating the red trying to build solids like the photo below without the undercoat so you can see better.

Take a glance at How to Avoid 4-5 coats of paint.

This red shown is not ICI Dulux 2402 but rather an online TOP RATED PRODUCT that required 6 coats to achieve full solid coverage.

One coat of black over a white fiberglass door.

Here is one coat of ICI Dulux 2402 mixed in a blue over a smooth fiberglass door. This is an easy two coats, so is the black. Fiberglass doors are very hard and smooth and where many other so-called BEST paints fail in coverage, 2401 covers great!

The first coat on most any surface including these white fiberglass doors will pull tight and your brush marks should be gone entirely if you know how to apply paint.

Coming soon: ICI DULUX FORTIS Satin Exterior and Sherwin Williams Exterior Satin SuperPaint with Advanced Resin Technology but how well does it cover and apply?

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