Dec 12, 2009

Going Beyond ‘Painting 101’

Something new in the works not currently talked about or covered on this blog.

It's hard to believe it's been almost 15 years now that I’ve been posting about painting on the Internet. My intent has traditionally been to share what I know and what works for me. Everything posted here on the Jack Pauhl Blog is what I like to consider [STANDARDS] in our industry. They are the basics of painting, but now I am turning my focus on going beyond the basics and will most likely put the Jack Pauhl Blog  on the back burner and focus on the logistics that drive profitable healthy businesses in this economy. So, I look forward to developing and publishing solutions that make profitable efficient paint contractors based on product knowledge and my own tried and true systems.

Coming Soon - Painting Logistics 
Providing logistics based on case studies and statistical data for operating a painting company efficiently to maximize your ROL (return on labor) using specific paint products, tools and equipment along with solid systems in the right place at the right time.
Jack Pauhl Blog Jack Pauhl Blog
I will be taking all aspects of painting to the extreme looking at such seemingly minor things like (if and when) you should:

1) apply masking tape over outlet hardware 
2) cut-in around the outlet hardware 
3) directly roll around the outlet hardware 
4) which roller covers work best around outlet hardware 
5) time trials including taping outlet hardware vs cutting in outlet hardware vs simply rolling around them with a specific roller cover to put an end to those light spots around the outlet.

No matter what the task, there is an efficient way of doing it and I will show you the differences and where time is wasted.

Also in the LAB: Can a $16 product save you $426 the first two hours you use it? I’ll tell you what it is and how it can save you money in labor and there really isn't a painter that shouldn't have one.

And… how much the wrong masking tape for a specific job can cost you thousands in lost labor. I’ll explain how a $1.80 per roll masking tape (our cost) can cost you thousands to use. Who’s saving? This study is so alarming – you won’t want to miss it.

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Jack Pauhl 
Cleveland, Ohio

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