Dec 9, 2009

3M TA20 Hand-Masker VIDEO on casings

3M TA20 Hand-Masker
3M TA20 Hand-Masker 3M TA20 Hand-Masker
New VIDEO of the 3M TA20 Hand-Masker found at HOME DEPOT applying masking tape on the side of door casings. For now, view it on YouTube. Then read up more on the 3M TA20 Hand-Masker.
3M TA20 Hand-Masker Results
Here is a sample of how clean, sharp and straight the lines are made with a 3M TA20 Hand-Masker. You simply cant do that better with a roll of masking tape.


Shane said...

Hey Jack. I've been looking all over for one of these and can't seem to find one. I live in North Canton, not too far from you and my Home Depot doesn't seem to have any. Any suggestions on where else to pick one up. Thanks, Shane.

Jack Pauhl said...

Shane, I believe the 3M TA20 was on the Home Depot site. If not, get it from Amazon. It's worth every penny. I'm going to post a video on what to watch out for using it because it's not any kind of professional precision tool but it can get the job done. I paid $16

Shane said...

Thanks Jack. I did find one at the Home Depot in Massillon and I just love it.