Nov 7, 2009

Sherwin Williams Interior/Exterior Adhesion Primer

Sherwin Williams Adhesion Primer Sherwin Williams Interior Exterior Adhesion Primer

We asked for a primer to go over stained woodwork on an older home. The varnished trim was glossy in areas and in other areas worn, faded and bare.

The adhesion primer was tinted to Dover White and will be used under Sherwin Williams Super Paint Semi-gloss.

A few things worth mentioning.

1) the primer should be applied in a systematical way so not to rework an area

2) the only way to get decent coverage is to lay it on heavy. It will run and sag.

3) you must move fast or you will have one huge mess of brush marks and heavy pulled areas.

4) its fairly transparent. Its not thick or heavy.

5) I’ve seen finish paint adhere to a paint brush better than this adhesion primer did

6) stains will bleed through the primer so after you apply this primer you might want to head back to Sherwin Williams and buy a stain blocking primer and recoat everything. Yeah right.
Here is an area I primed heavy working from top of window down and within seconds I went back into the primer and it pulled. I’m talking no more than 8 or 9 seconds.

I have more to add to this post about how this project turned out and other things I experienced with this primer. Check back or be sure to SUBSCRIBE on the right of page.


freckled laundry said...

Happy to have found this review. My SW rep just sold me a can for desk, frame, chair, and kitchen cabinets that I want painted white. I was prepared to do a cleaning, light sanding, primer, paint, (sealer on cabs) but was told that I can skip all of the sanding with this primer...although reading the fine print on the can says to sand down/dull glossy surfaces?! WTH. I'm not a pro at all just a DIY girl that has been painting my own own home, furniture, etc. What do you recommend as the best primer for kitchen cabs. They are only 4 year old Legacy cabs, factory painted eggshell and I want them white. I would really appreciate your advice before I pop open the lid on this $50 can of primer.


Jack Pauhl said...

We use XIM 400W NT White or XIM 400W ES. NT is more failsafe of the 2. This really is not a DIY project. There are way too many things that could go wrong and often do when people try to paint their kitchen cabinets.

HGC said...

Interestingly, I had a different experience. Think the SW adhesion primer is fabulous. It's not supposed to cover stains et alia, only ensure binding of the paint. One shouldn't expect anything else. I had maple finish cabinets painted dark olive green. I removed the doors and laid them out in the basement. Worked on cabinets in situ. Removed most of the paint with Motsenbocker's Lift Off paint remover (a gem), lightly hand and palm sanded, applied the adhesion primer, and then two solid coats of a latex enamel finish. Primer and 1st and 2nd coats paint applied with favorite no-handle angled 2" brush. Immediately after 2nd coat, followed with extremely lightly coated foam roller. Brilliant result.