Nov 11, 2009

Pro Masker 2000 by Geo Mask

promasker2000 The Pro Masker 2000 came to me years ago and it was briefly used and tossed aside in the big box of useless gimmicks until I decided to take another look at it recently.

Now before you go and think you’re too professional to use one, consider this…

You can lay tape down clean, sharp and accurately as fast as you can push this masker across the baseboards BUT it needs to be used in a different way than intended. Actually, I found that the adhesive on the tape somewhat keeps me from going as fast as I want due to drag from pulling it off the roll. Obviously low-tac tape releases from the roll faster than high-adhesion tape.

promasker2000 Simply start by pressing a roll of masking tape on the hub and press it onto a hard surface so the tape core is flush with the outer rim of the hub.

The design is suppose to use the toothbrush looking part to press the tape down as you go and it does almost too well but it also interferes with keeping the tape in alignment tight to the wall. Its a brush, it moves.

promasker2000 Here is how to start. Pull a small piece and tack it with your finger then pivot the unit down so the brush rests on the baseboard as seen below and RUN!

Well, not really but close. Ive found that rather than dropping the unit down like below, just use it as seen in THIS photo.

The roller seen by my pinky finger is more than enough to press the tape or you can go back and score it with a 5-in-1 tool. You can lay down 3 rolls of tape in about 30 mins masking off a house making all the cuts into casings etc and short runs.

promasker2000 Its not too bad but give it a bit of practice before you toss it. It does work effectively otherwise I wouldn't post it here.

Click the photo. You cant get sharp lines like that doing freehand. That line is super sharp and even.

promasker2000 Here is how to cut off in a corner. Run the masker into a corner then simply place a finger on the tape where you stop while pressing down and lift the masker upward off the baseboard to allow your 5-in-1 to guide the tape sharp into the corner and tear outward. Watch the video.

Here are two HD videos of the Pro Masker 2000 in use.

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