Nov 29, 2009

New HANDy Plastic Paint Tray & Liners

HANDy Paint Tray Hey! Look what came my way along with a bunch of other cool products from HANDy I hope to get posted soon but this one got immediate attention. Just what I’ve been looking for.

The NEW HANDy Paint Tray is made of durable plastic and accommodates drop-in and snap-in tray liners but it features much more than that. It even has a magnetic brush holder.

HANDy Paint TrayPROS
Deeper Capacity
Very Stable
Plastic Design
Effective Ramp Design
Easy Pour Design 
Disposable Liners
Heavier Duty Liners
Super Easy Cleanup
HANDy Paint Tray Nice wide stance and sexy curves.
HANDy Paint TrayCONS
I don’t really care for the Easy Grip Handles but not bothered by it too much.

Yes, these handles are nice BUT I feel a flat paddle-like design would be better suited for carrying from room to room to provide better stability of carrying something with paint in it.

HANDy Paint Tray One of the other CONS turned out to be a PROS in a way. As is, the bottom of the pan has these square areas that prevent the pan from gliding easy when you pull the pan with the end of your roller.
HANDy Paint Tray I found some skid pads for furniture to fit in these 2 areas. Now its smooth to pull and glide.
More to come on this pan. I do a side-by-side comparison of how much ramp space you have with 3/4 gallon poured in the HANDy Pan vs. a Metal Deep Well Pan.
And the best reason to use plastic trays… no scratching, no rusting in  customers home.
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