Nov 29, 2009

Raimondi Napoleone Swivel Seat

Napoleone Swivel SeatThe Raimondi® Napoleone Swivel Seat features a 5-wheel design to allow free and smooth movement in any direction. Designed with the tile setters in mind - the seat adjusts in height from 10-5/8" to 13-3/4" and easily facilitates well with jobs such as skirting and wall tiling up to 40" high while sitting in comfort.

The height of the seat can allow an approximate reach of 3/4 the way up a door jamb. How I use them is for filling nail holes on baseboard and up casings. I caulk baseboard too from the seat. On new construction jobs this seat can increase your production quite drastically especially on slabs or basement floors. To give you and idea how fast, I fill holes on baseboard with the seat in constant movement.Sit down and increase production at the same time. Why not sit down and tape off baseboard and cut-in your latex off a seat! Lots of uses to keep you off your feet.

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