Nov 12, 2009

Masking with Pro Masker 2000 HD Demo Video

Demo Video 1 is a 14’ tape run. Demo 2 is the end of that run.

One thing worth mentioning in the second video is that you can see how the original taping by hand left white trim paint on the wall. After remasking with the Pro Masker 2000, the line is cleaned up, straight and sharp. You can see the white paint on the wall just before the video ends. I press the tape and it reveals white paint on the wall.

Read the details on the Pro Masker 2000

There is a moment during the run where the masker slips off the edge. As you can see in the second video the top edge of the baseboard is very skinny. Perhaps moving a bit slower might prevent that. Its important to get used to equal pressure against the wall and down on the base at the same time. Takes a couple rolls to get the hang of it but its worth it.

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