Nov 12, 2009

DRIPLESS SI300 vs. SI200 Caulk Gun

DRIPLESS SI300 I recently reviewed the DRIPLESS SI200 caulk gun sold exclusively at Sherwin Williams and I highly recommend it.

The DRIPLESS SI300 caulk gun offers a few features the SI200 doesn't have. For example, the SI300 drive dawg assembly is enclosed and revamped a bit to accommodate a sharp cutter and a drip/no drip feature seen below.

Both the SI200 and SI300 are heavy guns in comparison to composite guns but I like the extra weight because I feel it provides more control and balance while running a bead on a door jamb when the gun is moved in many different positions. I also like the extra weight as the gun sits on the top edge of baseboard, it doesn't feel like a toy, its solid and built tough.

The DRIPLESS ETS2000,3000 and 5000 are much lighter guns in comparison with composite skeleton barrels which make the EST2000 lightweight.

DRIPLESS SI300 The rotating skeleton barrel is the same on both SI200 and SI300 in addition to the pusher rod and plate, blue silicone disc, seal punch. The drive dawg is pretty much the same with a very slight difference in design. The trigger is also slightly different.

DRIPLESS SI300 The SI200 features a 14:1 compression ratio vs an 18:1 on the SI300. This allows you to make longer continuous runs per compression. After using the 14:1 for years, the 18:1 is definitely a nice improvement and feels right. The tip cutter is also shown in the pic on the left.

DRIPLESS SI300Shown on the left is the drip/no drip feature. I'm not sure exactly why there is a drip option but there it is.

DRIPLESS SI300 The SI200 does not have the ability to swap out a replacement spring easily but the SI300 does. You can replace the spring on the SI200 but requires a bit of a conversion.

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phunpho said...

This caulking gun is great. I put 50 + tubes of liquid nail through it and it made my project so much easier. Besides, you can tell your friends you have a caulkmaster and that is just too funny. Great product.