Nov 4, 2009

Dripless Industrial Grade SI200 Caulk Gun

Dripless SI200 Caulk Gun A Sherwin Williams Exclusive and one of my Top 10 Prep Products I Cant Live Without that I mentioned in the 2009 January/February issue of PWC.

A dripless caulk gun is a must for those of us who gun cases of caulk weekly. The caulk stops flowing when you release the trigger. No buttons to press, no thumb release, no special way to click the handle to make it stop.

The SI200 is balanced and feels solid.

Dripless SI200 Caulk Gun Features:
14:1 ratio
10 oz
Rotating Barrel
Seal Punch
Ladder Hook
Dripless SI200 Caulk Gun All Dripless Brand guns come with a 1 year warranty.

Unfortunately once the spring goes in the handle there is no simple way to replace it.

I am working to post a MOD on how to convert the SI200 to have one of the benefits of the SI300 and that is the simple changing of a spent spring. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE on the right side of the blog to be notified of new posts.

Coming soon: A full Review of the SI300 DRIPLESS with an 18:1 ratio. Mo power! Mo Features!
Dripless SI200 Caulk GunHere’s a TIP

Use masking tape, a rubber band or a Velcro strap around the top of the tube and barrel as seen in the photo.

What this does is it will keep the caulk tube in place in the barrel so your cut tip is always where you want it, simply rotate the barrel.

Now you wont have the tube rotating in the barrel which also rotates. Might seem trivial but makes a huge difference.
When caulking door casings and baseboard, the tip is cut no bigger than the seal punch and its cut on an angle.

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