Nov 29, 2009

50% off is no deal

Being efficient on the job requires attention to detail in many areas easily overlooked.
Take for example this $39.99 drill found on a Thanksgiving Day Specials ad for 50% off regular price.

Is it a bargain or bust?
Its no deal at all. Lets say you have a guy pulling hinges off 20 doors, that's 180 screws and it takes him 1 hour with this drill. Lets assume that same guy pulls screws off with a drill twice as fast. That would mean he can remove hardware in 30 mins.
Take for example a $10 per hour guy pulling hardware off 10 homes each month with this drill. That would take 10 hours right? Now give the same guy a drill twice as fast and instantly he can do the same job in half the time. 5 hours saved @ $10 is $50 and fifty bucks is more than this drill costs on sale. Now that 30 minutes saved can be used to roll 3 bedrooms or paint a front door or tape off a house in 30 mins etc.
There are drills that have a no load RPM speed of 1200 and higher vs this drill at 650.
Milwaukee M12 3/8" For example, this 2.5lb Milwaukee M12 has a No Load Speed of
0-400/0-1,500 RPM

I wouldn't hesitate to spend $110 more for this cordless drill. The money saved in labor will pay for this drill very quickly.
The savings example I mentioned above is for taking the door hardware off. Don't forget, that hardware goes back on too.

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