Nov 29, 2009

3M TA20 Hand-Masker Tape Applicator

3M TA20 Hand-Masker 3M TA 20 Hand-Masker. If you are looking for a way to reduce the time it takes to apply masking tape on baseboard then the 3M TA20 will do just that.
I was able to lay down 3 rolls of 60 Yd. (180 Ft) in 30 minutes masking off baseboard in a house. That’s a total 540’ of tape!
Features quick-cam style levers for inserting tape but there is nothing quick about changing a roll due to poor design for production use. I like the idea but it needs improvement to truly be effective.
3M TA20 Hand-Masker
The 3M TA20 is designed for right or left-hand application. Both end wheels are beveled with a flat wheel in the middle. The super sharp cutter makes break-offs a snap and can be used for cutting off short pieces.
You may experience some binding or drag applying high adhesion masking tape because that tape does not pull off the roll easy or quick.
3M TA20 Hand-MaskerTIP:  In the photo on the left below the lever you see grooves for your fingers above the wheel. The opposite end most blurred in the right of photo is the guide to glide on the top of baseboard. Keep some pressure there but don't be heavy on it.

Apply your pressure to the area above the wheel & cutter and not the other end.

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