Nov 29, 2009

3M 2020 Scotch Masking Tape for Production Painting

Production Painting

Are you doing production work at super low pricing and finding it hard to make a buck? Then don't use this masking tape which is “designed” for production painting. Yeah I know. Consider something else from 3M.

I’ve been preaching quality product online for over 10 years now and how important it is to use TOP QUALITY product to achieve maximum production rates.

Number one, this is high adhesion tape. What that means is that it will not pull off the roll fast in comparison to say #2090 or most blue tapes in the medium-tack category.

Number two, this tape is thin and tears and shreds very easily. So, you waste time dickin around just pulling tape off the roll not to mention how much time you’ll waste pulling tape when you are done painting.

Number three, this tape is typically sold wrapped in super thin plastic which sticks very well to the sidewall of the HIGH ADHESION tape. So, you spend and waste time simply getting this tape out of the packaging.

Production Painting
 Production Painting
3M 2020 Scotch Masking Tape for Production Painting

I can go on and on about why not to use 3M 2020 in production with the exception of a few applications like taping masking paper on certain things but guys use it because its cheap but where it really costs you is in your bottom line.

Consider top of the line products if you are doing production work and finding it hard to make money. Product that typically costs you twice the price of cheap product can save you a ton of money in the long run.

I paint new homes and this tape has no place in my work environment. Its like having a broadband internet connection for years then having to use a dial-up modem.


kerboo said...

Are you sure that you didnt get a bas batch?

It would be very unusual for 3M to say a product was for a certain application and then it not meet that spec.

Jack Pauhl said...

kerboo, not likely, we used well over 1000 rolls before I made this post.