Oct 18, 2009

Werner MT-13 and Series Multiladder

Werner MT-13 ladder Found at Lowes for $69 compared to a Little Giant same size and 300lb. rating for $279. You will pay more than $70 bucks for a decent step ladder of same rating and not be able to work from either side or set it up on the stairs. Quickly convert the Werner MT-13 ladder into a wide range of different working heights or positions.

The 13’ has 13 working heights or positions, the 17’ has 20 working heights or positions, the 22’ has 28 working heights or positions and the 26’ has 37 different working heights or positions.

I retired my original Little Giant from 90-91 purchased at a home expo show for a Werner MT-13. My LG was used for about 18 years on a regular basis, almost daily.
Werner MT-13 ladder Placing the Little Giant next to the Werner MT-13 there are faint differences. The MT-13 is better in a few ways. The shoes are nicer, softer and provide nice grip on hardwood. The “J” Lock system is fatter – more solid locking pin but really side-by-side, there is such a faint difference that you would hardly notice. The MT-13 is rock solid like the Little Giant was.
Werner MT-13 ladder Mt-13 is slightly wider and also has wider flat rungs.
Werner MT-13 ladder MT-13 has a wider flare for better stability.
Werner MT-13 ladder The soft touch push knobs are the key to this versatile ladder. Use it as a twin stepladder, extension ladder, stairway stepladder or 2 scaffold bases. You’ll get the job done easier with this versatile ladder.
Werner MT-13 ladder Push knob locking hinge. If you never used a Multiladder like this one you will probably fight with it to get used to man handling it. But if you recall the Little Giant Ladder infomercials, this ladder can be flipped up and open all the way in seconds.
Werner MT-13 ladder Spring loaded “J” Locks. I really like the “J” lock on the Werner MT-13. It operated smoothly and feels solid. Take a moment and apply some Jig-A-Loo to moving parts for best overall experience.
Werner MT-13 ladder Flat wide tread for your standing pleasure.
Werner MT-13 ladder Extra wide flared bottom for firm support in comparison to the old model Little Giant.
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