Oct 30, 2009

Selective Product & Tools Determine Your Worth

Everyone who knows me knows I am big on selective products that save me time on the job or make my day easier.

I am a gadget snob when it comes to finding just the right tools for the job and I go to great lengths to make sure the tools or products work flawlessly – after all – my hourly rate, “my worth” depends on it.

Keeping things simple… using the $199 painted room example. If you have two identical rooms and one paint contractor takes six hours to paint the room and it takes me two hours, I make $100 bucks an hour and he makes $33. I would not be able to paint the room in two hours if you put me in his room using his materials and tools. But where the impact is greater is that in six hours I can paint three rooms or $600 for the day for example. The other contractor is tied to one room. 

Currently I’m working with one of our areas largest paint contractors and a great team of guys. It’s flattering when comments are made on the products I use after they get the chance to use them. Sometimes the impact a tool or product has on the job is unbelievable in the time it can save on labor.

A good example is the Full Circle International Flex Edge paired with an FX4 lightweight pole. The time that unit saves me is ridiculous and its easier to use and more effective. Sure the sander costs more up front and the replacement paper is a bit more expensive but it lasts much longer.

So, are you complaining you are not making enough? Rethink the products and tools you use and see if they can help you increase your rate.

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