Oct 15, 2009

Premium XL Pocket Roller

Premium XL Pocket Roller Found at Sherwin Williams, this pocket roller can drastically reduce the time it takes to paint window returns. The width of the returns I see most often are slightly smaller than the width of the roller.

Toss the cheap plastic tray and use a 7” or something more comfortable in size to hold in one hand while you have the pocket roller in the other.

The end cap is rounded allowing you to roll directly against the vinyl track. Take scissors and snip a nice bevel on the end so when the cover is loaded and you apply pressure – the nap wont spin on your vinyl tracks. Reshape it. I can do 20 window returns in 15 minutes.
It helps to pre-wet these rollers then spin them out on a hard surface before loading with paint.
Premium XL Pocket Roller Here's a TIP:

After you load the roller you might have paint on the rounded end-cap. Keep a damp cotton rag wrapped around your other hands thumb and simply wipe the end clean.

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