Oct 15, 2009

NR4000 Siliconized Acrylic Latex Bright White Caulk

NR4000 Caulk Ripped from Sher-Link. Sherwin-Williams NR4000 Siliconized Acrylic Latex Caulk is a flexible acrylic caulking compound specially formulated with silicone utilizing the latest developments in waterborne technology. These advancements offer improved paintability, durability and adhesion in all applications. NR4000 is also treated with a mildewcide to protect the caulk from mildew growth.

NR4000 is easy to work with, has no objectionable solvent odor and cleans up easily with soapy water before the caulk has dried.

NR4000 guns fast and fingers smooth. This is one of those slightly (on the wet side) caulks but very nice to lay down. Wet caulk can be laid as is without fingering but I don't recommend it. Paintable in 30 minutes.

NR4000 Caulk

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