Oct 17, 2009

GLIDDEN™ Premium Interior Latex Paint - Eggshell

GLIDDEN Premium Eggshell If you like everything about SW Cashmere Low Lustre then you are going to feel right at home with 6011. GLIDDEN Premium Eggshell has all the qualities I look for in a paint.

Features a 30 min (to-touch) dry time and a recoat time of 4 hours. The paint dried in 30 minutes during the review process and was recoated in about 2 hours with no problems. You can cut solid and make long runs just like Cashmere and it rolls and rolls and lays down nice and consistent.

I painted 3 bedrooms with Cashmere Low Lustre and the next day a large foyer, hall and kitchen with 6011. If you pulled the labels off both products and turned me loose to paint, I would not be able to tell you which was which even when the product dried. 6011 is a strong contender in the repaint market when you look for all of Cashmeres qualities and characteristics in a less expensive can. GLIDDEN Premium Eggshell paint is very impressive. 

Glidden Premium Eggshell Sherwin Williams Cashmere
I think Glidden (on left) has a bit less of a sheen vs. Cashmere (on the right).
GLIDDEN Premium Eggshell

Ideal for living rooms and foyers because of the subtle, velvet-like sheen and excellent coverage. It provides a highly washable, stain-resistant finish that is easily cleaned with common non-abrasive, mild household detergents. This durable product provides a mildew-resistant coating and features easy soap-and-water cleanup.

We used a white woven 1/2” cover. The coverage was excellent. I used a Benjamin Moore nylon/poly brush. We did 2 coats but the job could have been done in one coat doing wet-on-wet. The only thing the second coat will give you is a more true sheen. I did an entire wall wet-on-wet which dried down to a nice uniform finish.

One of the guys had spitting but I could not tell if it was his technique or his brush. I really didn't pay much attention because I was not getting any spitting from my brush. The spatter (what little there was) is the same as Sherwin Williams Cashmere. A few tiny specs on the frame.

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