Oct 2, 2009

DieHard SureTrack 6 in. Boot, Brown

067B0015000 The DieHard SureTrack 6 in. Boot features full grain leather and pigskin lining for durability and comfort. Double layer cushioned insole and dual density polyurethane outsole adds to the sturdiness without stealing any of quality. Sturdy Goodyear Welt construction. Steel shank.

I’m back into these boots after seeing them on sale for $49.99 I wore these boots a few years back-to-back then tried other more expensive brands of similar style. Great boots to stand in all day. Working off a ladder is comfortable. These boots are poor in the snow so be careful carrying 5 gallon bucks.

How to break them in:
I use a product called Sno-Seal. Its a waterproofing bees wax. Take the laces out and using a rag apply Sno-Seal fairly heavy around the eyelets and tongue. Just get it on there and lace them back up. Apply Sno-Seal to the entire front of the boot making sure you get into the thread areas. Now put them on your feet (do one boot at a time) and using a hairdryer, melt the bees wax into the leather. Squat in and out of the working position. The boot should feel fairly warm from the heat. Continue around the boot getting in and out of working positions. Keep it warm. The back of the boot is likely to give you a bit of soreness the first few days. 

Kevlar Laces Upgrade your laces with Kevlar Boot laces. The 6” DieHard boots take 54” laces.

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