Oct 7, 2009

DEVOE DEVFLEX QD Semi-Gloss Interior/Exterior

Unlike other ONLINE REVIEW SITES for PAINTS based solely on someone's written experiences, we show you what to expect with photos and videos of the wet paint applied and dry appearance of the paints so you have a better idea of what to expect rather than someone's “word” on it. We apply hundreds of gallons of product across various jobs, surfaces etc. before we review it – not just a couple gallons in a lab.


The DEVOE DEVFLEX QD SEMI-GLOSS Acrylic Enamel 4206 provides a rapid drying and recoat rate for both high production work or fine finishing. DEVFLEX QD provides flexible acrylic adhesion in an Interior/Exterior paint.

This product is prone to running and sagging in both spray and brush applications over non-absorbent smooth surfaces including recoating itself. Use caution when spraying door jambs in the upper corners of the jamb.

DEVFLEX QD levels very nice and leaves a nice dry semi-glossy finish in one coat over pre-primed MDF trim and masonite doors. I have experience spraying this product with a Graco Ultra Max II 695 with a Rac X FFT209, FFT210, FFT310 and a Rac V 311 with excellent results. QD paints and primers require quick clean up. This product can be difficult to remove off surfaces not intended to have paint including your hands.

I recommend using a softer brush but not a 100% nylon brush. Extra firm brushes are no good for spreading DEVFLEX QD semi-gloss.

DEVOE DEVFLEX semi-gloss Decent gloss retention over pre-primed trim with one coat. That's the reflection off the door-stop on top of a jamb.

DEVOE DEVFLEX semi-gloss One coat of Devoe Devflex QD semi-gloss over pre-primed masonite doors. It retains more gloss over pre-primed MDF than Sherwin Williams Super Paint or PROMAR 200, coat-for-coat.

DEVOE DEVFLEX semi-glossQD has a float added to the paint to prevent skinning. You can see it in the photo. Its important to shake or stir Devflex QD before you use and during use, if you don't, your dried paint may not be the intended gloss.

PROS: Good coverage, levels nicely, easy to apply, workable, ample open-time, superior gloss retention

CONS: prone to run, not always so quick to dry

CONCLUSION: The focus of this review was interior use only however the paint will perform the same outside with the same characteristics. I DO RECOMMEND this product however it is more tricky to apply than most paints and EXTREMELY dependant of its environment, temperatures, humidity etc.


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