Oct 23, 2009

Craftsman Clean N Carry® 4 gal. Wet-Dry Vac, 5.0 Peak hp

Craftsman Clean N Carry Powerful, Portable, Lightweight and Compact, the Craftsman Clean N Carry is a must have item. The Clean N Carry is great on touch-up day or cleaning up on repaints. Its light, balanced and easy to carry. You can attach your own shoulder strap.

Craftsman Clean N Carry Sits nicely on stairs and easy to maneuver. The Clean N Carry is very powerful for a compact vac. You might not notice a difference compared to your large 16 gal 5.0HP shop vac.

Craftsman Clean N Carry The hose on this unit is lousy. It’s too short and stiff. I used a piece of PVC plumbing and slipped it over the hose seen in this photo to prevent kinking which happens very easily without the PVC. Use tape to hold the PVC. I plan on shopping for a longer soft flexible hose.
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