Sep 7, 2009

Sherwin Williams iPhone ColorSnap App

sept09 023Sherwin Williams ColorSnap App for the iPhone allows you to take a photo of an item or object on the job and move your finger around that photo to find a color from the Sherwin Williams Color Pallet that matches. You can use existing photos from your photo Library too.

024 Here is a real life example. I have a new pre-finished fiberglass front door and the customer wants the white metal overhead stained to match the front door.

I snap a photo of the unfinished brickmold to get my primer base coat color to apply to the white metal overhead door.

SW 7508 Tavern Taupe is darn close.

IMG_0739 Ta Da! Instantly changed the white metal door to a stained door. Now I can paint the white on the original pre-primed door jamb.

sept09 031Here you are presented with the formulas for the colors. In this example I shot the Crimson Red and the other 2 colors shown are suggested colors that match.

sept09 029 You can save colors.

sept09 030Equipped with a Sherwin Williams Store Locator. ColorSnap can use your current location if you allow it.

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