Apr 7, 2009

Wipe Method for Loading a Brush

Loading a paint brushThis painting video is one example of load balancing for cutting-in or painting in general. This is just one of many brush loading methods I use for cutting-in walls to casings but all of them involve wiping paint from the brush. I will go into greater detail in the weeks ahead for my Complete Guide to Paint Brushes on various load balancing methods and when and why I use them and demonstrate their effectiveness for efficiency and productivity in specific situations.

As mentioned in the painting video, the portion of the brush that comes in contact with the surface or wall is the only place I want paint on my brush.

For this particular cut I use a precut method and often it’s the same method used for cutting in ceiling lines with paint.

I used a precut method only because the existing first coat of flat paint on the walls is very absorbent. I would typically use a single pass method for cutting-in if the existing coat of paint on the walls was an eggshell paint or a flat paint that did not absorb my cut such as styrene acrylics.

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