Apr 10, 2009

Cutting Ceiling Lines | 2 Pass Method

cut-in ceilings

In this painting video I demonstrate a simple 2 pass pre-cut method for cutting-in ceiling lines over a 4’ area using the new Wooster Alpha 3” Flat brush #4234. My paint brush was loaded using the wipe method, only a small amount of paint was placed on the bottom of the brush to cut-in.

The ceiling in this room was at an awkward height. I cut-in off a 2’ Werner step ladder on the middle step, normally I like to be on the top step. For this particular cut, I was too high on the ladder to see the ceiling line nicely which can drastically reduce the effectiveness of your cut-in time.

Productivity can also be maximized cutting-in ceiling lines painting off a 3’ wide Werner step ladder allowing you to cut about 7’ or so depending on your arms reach. For the 2 pass pre-cut method to be effective, a few things need to happen that are not so obvious in the video and I will discuss what they are in the next week or so.

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GadgetPig said...

Thanks for the tip Jack! After doing the ceiling a bit, I found myself also doing the 2 pass method also on baseboards and trim, and it worked out great!