Mar 10, 2009

Zinsser Cover Stain | Advanced Water-Base

Zinsser Cover Stain Water-Base

Zinsser’s newest primer for interior and exterior is the water-base version of the popular Cover Stain oil-base primer. Unless you live in southern California, the only way you can get your hands on it is ordering it through your local paint store.

Dries to a hard flat finish, easy flow, great adhesion, seals most stains, sands crisply within 1 hour. (from the label)

For use on all types of bare or painted surfaces including wood, drywall, cured plaster, concrete, stucco and masonry, aluminum, vinyl, steel, galvanized metal and PVC. Sticks to dense, glossy surfaces without sanding and deglossing.

NOT RECOMMENDED FOR: application to floors or decks or to surfaces subject to immersion or prolonged contact with water. This product is currently under review and I hope to find out what specific stains Cover Stain WB will not lock-in with one coat.

Some of the types of test include: various water stains, priming over penetrating stain on poplar, hairspray, toothpaste, spaghetti sauce, nicotine, tannin, poplar trim, cooking grease, Formica, ceramic, glass, cabinet laminate and kitchen cabinets, vinyl siding to name a few. While the product does not specifically state it will cover all of these types of stains or surfaces, I like to know it’s capabilities despite best efforts made cleaning and prepping a workspace. Here are just a few initial samples. Waiting on results.

Zinsser Water-Base Cover Stain Typical ceiling water stain. One small dab of the brush stopped this water stain dead in its tracks.
Zinsser Water-Base Cover Stain Old red vinyl siding. I tested adhesion to vinyl siding, sticks very well. I tried to pick at it with my finger nail.
Zinsser Water-Base Cover Stain Knotty, sappy pine
Zinsser Water-Base Cover Stain Cabinet laminate (sticker). Sticks very well to laminate, again tried picking at it with my finger nail.
Zinsser Water-Base Cover Stain Cabinet drawer front. This was taken from a brand new finished cabinet. Same great adhesion here too. Tried picking at it with my finger nail.
Zinsser Water-Base Cover Stain Here is the primer rolled over a dirty popcorn ceiling. For this ceiling I figured 2 coats of primer because this ceiling was not painted before.
Pre-Primed Pine Here is some pre-primed pine. I made one swipe with Zinsser Cover Stain Water-Base down the center of this sample and applied one nice coat of ICI Dulux 1407 Semi-Gloss over the width. This shot was taken 1 minute and 45 seconds after the semi-gloss was applied. A fairly substantial improvement over factory primer.
Pre-Primed Pine Here is the sticker from the sample above.

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