Mar 27, 2009

Zinsser Bulls Eye Shellac & SealCoat

Zinsser Bulls Eye Shellac & SealCoatA full review of this product was not performed, however, we show the two products side by side on pine and oak samples. Both products are very watery, the first coat of both products virtually disappeared into both samples only leaving a darkened color to the bare wood.
Zinsser Bulls Eye Shellac & SealCoat The SealCoat product guarantees the product can be applied under any other clear top coat. See label for details.
Zinsser Bulls Eye Shellac & SealCoatBoth products dried within 15 minutes at 47% humidity @ 70 degrees. We sanded both products easily with a Glit fine sanding pad and re-coated both in 1 hour.
Zinsser Bulls Eye Shellac & SealCoatThe second coat left a glossy semi-smooth surface but needs another coat to complete a finer finish. A third coat of the shellac would finish our samples to a nice smooth finish. The photos only reflect two coats of the clear.

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