Mar 20, 2009

Spring Tools - Nail Set Paint Pro Pak

Spring Tools Nail Set

Nail Set & Door Pin Removal Tool

It’s always a good day when time saving tools make it into my hands. This Light Weight, Made in The USA Combination Nail Setting Tool by SPRING TOOLS® is ideal for setting and countersinking different sized nails and brads.

Each tool weighs a mere 1.7 oz. The first tool has a different sized nail set on each end. Professional painters and finish carpenters love this tool. It's the perfect tool to fix "Shiners" that happen when nail guns fail to drive the brad below the surface of the wood. This tool effectively repairs the problem without damaging the wood. A must have for all woodworkers and painters!

Spring Tools unique design delivers a direct striking force of up to 3500 P.S.I. to the working surface. The tools are designed with high grade tool steel and are hardened for optimal quality and performance. The user can easily control the amount of force applied to the surface by varying the spring tension. This feature provides unrivaled precision and control and is ideal for working in tight spaces and precision jobs.

The second tool in the Pro Pak, the Door Pin Removal Tool easily removes door hinge pins. Flip the tool around and it also sets the pin snug without marring or damaging the door and trim.

When tools like these come across my path I cant help but to think about how a product like this went from an idea — to paper — to my pocket. This product screams efficiency, convenience with precision accuracy and user determined control! Think about it, the idea of cramming the power of a hammer into a tiny tool that fits in your shirt pocket. Now you can stop carrying the hammer all over the house and up and down ladders.

Be sure to check out Spring Tools Website for ordering information, photos, videos and other spring driven impact tools.

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