Mar 21, 2009

ShurTape CP-99 Masking Tape

Shurtape CP_99_FS

I have no words to explain the disappointment I have with blue tape not to mention the cost of it. If I am paying five bucks or more for a roll of tape — it better do amazing things and if not, I want someone to explain to me why it performs worse than regular natural crepe tape. Since that's not going to happen I choose to stick (no pun intended) with a product that's been around for a long time and works great for me, CP-99. Chances are you’ve used CP-66 if you shop at Sherwin Williams. CP-99 is thicker than CP-66 and helps in reducing tearing at time of removal. CP-99 is 6.7 mils thick and prevents primer flake-off and paint build-up and helps close those gaps better. The extra thickness also helps with irregular surfaces and laying the tape down with reduced stretching. I left CP-99 on stained trim for more than 14 days out of direct sunlight with clean safe removal. This is a higher adhesive tape so keep it off delicate surfaces.

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Theo said...


I just inquired about buying the cp-99 tape and I was astounded by the price of it..Here in Canada that tape is not stocked at all time in my local SW store but you can order it..They want about $9 roll for the 2" tape!!...I'm going to stick with my 2020 3M tape that I have used for the last 20 years,thank you...Yeah it does break easily and the wrapping can be a pain in the butt at times,but cost wise I only pay about $3 roll for the 1 1/2" Scotch brand 2020..