Mar 11, 2009

Priming Exterior Cedar Spindles & Railing

Priming Cedar Spindles How To get the absolute best results painting cedar spindles.

It is important to prime all exposed edges on a cedar rail. Cedar is an excellent wicking wood which means the wood absorbs large quantities of water very fast. Water will wick up the center of the spindle trapping water beneath the surface if not primed — ultimately leaving you with a paint job that will fail.
Priming Cedar Spindles A good oil-base primer is needed to block the natural cedar oils from bleeding through the finish paint. Some acrylic primers can be used but may require 2 coats to lock-in the cedar oils. Don't assume any oil-base primer will block tannin and cedar oils, be sure to ask.
CedarIn just under 2 minutes you can see how much the cedar absorbed water almost 2 inches up the cedar sample.
Cedar I placed the cedar sample on the saw and cut off the bottom portion to show the water is absorbed almost entirely through the wood in a short time.


William said...

It's called "tanin" that bleeds through cedar. Not cedar oils.

Jack Pauhl said...

It's spelled "tannin" and I intentionally used the words 'cedar oils' because tannin is more often associated with redwood.