Mar 8, 2009

Painting - Online Estimating BID FORM


I am all about being efficient and I do not like those continuous calls from builders asking for pricing when they are preparing a quote for the homeowner. I designed this ESTIMATING BID FORM so builders can produce their own quotes without bothering me and they can do it while the homeowner is sitting in front of them. This form is designed to return an immediate bid for painting a new home based on a builders criteria and the response from the homeowner. The form should be used to calculate various options based on homeowners requests. Start by selecting the square footage of the home in the first row under 'Quantity' then select what style of home under 'Options'. This will return the base price for painting the home. Next the builder and the homeowner go through each option and select from the dropdown menu. For example: Under ‘Spindles’ [Qty] 20ft [Select] Options are stained, painted and split with values assigned to each.

When the builder presses the SUBMIT button, a copy of the quote is then submitted to me via email for my review and I can track these BID FORMS if they were to change.

The photo above is only a small portion of the Paint Estimating Bid Form. If you are a painting contractor or builder and would like to learn more about this easy convenient way of estimating a painting project – feel free to contact me.

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blackstone said...

I really like this online estimating idea. Would you like to part with the software so I could use it as well? It would be much appreciated. Thanks.