Mar 21, 2009

Jack Pauhl Recommended Product

jp_rec_01In an attempt to answer reader questions about my opinion on certain product I’ve attached the Jack Pauhl Recommended image indicating product I utilize with my systems. The products must meet high standards in quality, provide a failsafe solution and also provide a component to maximize efficiency by reducing time spent using them. There are other quality products out there but only products marked ‘Recommended’ provide maximum benefits and minimum time using them with my systems. Product of high quality but are slow to use are not recommended. I put a lot of time and effort into testing and finding failsafe solutions to minimize my time spent on the job. One gallon of latex wall paint might take me an hour or more to change the color of a room and another product might allow me to do it in under 30 mins. My goal is to find quality, time saving product. If it’s marked ‘Recommended’, it’s worked great for me countless times without hassles.

Not all of the products I use with my systems are posted on this blog and neither are the systems I use.

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