Mar 5, 2009

How to Painting Ceilings | Stepping Method

Painting Ceilings

This HOW TO assumes an extension pole is used for rolling the ceiling. The demonstration is a 12’x16’ room. The diagram reflects half the ceiling.

It’s important to maintain a solid wet edge when rolling a ceiling. I do not recommend cutting-in anything until it’s rolled especially on ceilings never before painted¹ or on popcorn ceilings. After rolling is complete you will see exactly what is left to cut which should be about 1” max around the perimeter and 4 corners. Each quadrant represents one sustainable heavy load of paint the width of the roller cover. I strongly recommend utilizing this simple modification to a roller frame. By doing so, you can virtually roll within 1/4” of the ceiling line if not completely tight to the wall and without affecting the wall.

Step 1: Roll areas 1-4. Use one single heavy load to roll each section overlapping the previous section generously.
Step 2: Roll area 5. Make sure to overlap into areas 1 and 2
Step 3: Roll areas 6 and 7
Step 4: Roll areas 8 and 9
Step 5: Roll area 10 then 11
Step 6: Roll area 12 and 13 and continue this alternating pattern to completion.

The stepping method will ensure a constant wet edge by alternating location and placement of each load. I strongly suggest cutting-in last.

Note: No more than one 5 to 6 foot section per load should be used on a ceiling 12’ wide. One load = 9”x6’ section in diagram above.
¹You may want to cut first if applying glossy paints unless you know how to work the paint.

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