Mar 11, 2009

A2 Dual 75º Angled Sanding Sponge

A2 Dual Angle Sanding Sponge

The sturdy A2 features a unique 75º angle which provides a sharp edge to maintain firm form while sanding into edges or tight areas. Available in medium and fine grit, the washable sanding sponges are durable and long lasting. For use on wood, paint, drywall, metal, fiberglass or plastic.

I used the fine grit A2 to knock down debris in the paint quickly and effectively. I like clean sharp edges and it’s not uncommon for me to re-mud a corner to clean it up and the A2 makes that process a cinch. You’ll find many other uses for the A2.

The A2 is just one of those ‘must-haves’ to keep in your truck.

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